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$24,000 BNG Chinese New Year Giveaway!


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BNG Chinese New Year Giveaway

Duration:  23rd JAN - 30th JAN, 2023

Prize Pool: $24,000


BNG is back with its amazing tournament for everyone! This Chinese New Year BNG wants it rewarding and celebrating it with amazing giveaway! This tournament will be running from 23rd Jan 12:00 till 30th JAN 12:00, so don't wait until it's too late. Head over to our website and get started today – Full terms and conditions can be found below.


Participating Games: 

image.png.dee2981dc127e2bf96b2eceed61991bd.png image.png.4c63fd527a9d180b7c9d3e7502fb34c7.png image.png.03c8b43fe1241f58e999a5a4ce9b5e71.png image.png.2156fb10a2aa6993f3989974f6294e6e.png image.png.1fec881d68eedac1310a2beeeb680a8c.png

image.png.1e4cba6ff351c501aec5f0aead4bb777.png image.png.8e0b997a7109f2fe60279e0dc5d6a01f.png image.png.c7ca922e0e704250c1c4e7752d647225.png image.png.5a96f42e8a2a9dcc87125dab191e8bfe.png image.png.83e1b6ec113336bdcfdd16a06e47ff50.png


How To Participate in Tournament:

1. Play at BNG-selected games for at least 100 rounds with minimum 0.08 USD bet to qualify for leaderboard.

2. Point Calculation :Based on the amount of bets in each macro spin:

  • Bet 0.16 USD=1 Point
  • For example: Player bets 0.8 USD in a round so he/she gets 5 points in this round.

3. Total Prizepool is $24,000 and total 400 winners will be sharing this pool Distribution plan is as mentioned below:

1 6,400 6,400
2 3,200 3,200
3 1,600 1,600
4 - 5 800 1,600
6 - 10 480 2,400
11 - 25 160 2,400
26 - 50 80 2,000
51 - 100 40 2,000
101 - 200 16 1,600
201 - 400 4 800


General Terms:

  • All time mentioned above is based on UTC+8.
  • Once the player meets the leaderboard requirements, the wins earned in previous qualified rounds during the tournament will be converted into points.
  • The value of points will be rounded off to 2 decimal places when calculating points.
  • Only qualified rounds are counted in this campaign.
  • All prizes and bets in the campaign become invalid if any malfunction occurs.
  • Anyone who participates in this campaign is deemed to agree with all the regulations of the campaign and the casino, and is willing to abide by it, The organiser reserves the right to modify and terminate this campaign at any time.
  • Winners will be announced within 72 hours after the event is finished. 


All details can be checked on official event page here

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