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eSports | Evil Geniuses vs CompLexity - Jan 27 | 14:00 UTC


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Game Info Evil Geniuses vs CompLexity


This Friday, Evil Geniuses and CompLexity compete in the Knockout stage round 1 of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023. The two North American teams have yet to achieve significant results in the competition, having to dispute the first place to know who will be the first organization that will not have more chances of qualifying for the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023. All matches in the current competition will be played in the MD3 (best of three maps) format. The showdown is scheduled to take place at 14:00 UTC.


How BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 works


The BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 tournament takes place in person (LAN) in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the dispute, we will have 12 teams fighting for one of the 6 spots in the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023, a competition that will take place from June 7th to 11th. We won't have Brazilian organizations competing, but in compensation, the four current best in the world (Heroic, G2, Liquid and FaZe) will be present.


In addition to the teams already mentioned above, we will also have the presence of the following organizations: Natus Vincere, Vitality, OG, BIG, Ninjas in Pajamas, Astralis, compLexity and Evil Geniuses. In addition to spots for the BLAST Premier Spring Final, the teams will also compete for cash prizes totalling $177.500 that will be distributed among the twelve competitors. The top three finishers will take home the sum of US$27.500 each.


Evil Geniuses

At first, the Evil Geniuses team appears in this match after losing the Group A final consolidation. of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 against Heroic. Before commenting on the defeat of the North Americans, it is worth remembering how the squad's campaign was so far in the current competition. After winning the competition's debut against Heroic, the team faced Vitality. Against the French organization, they ended up defeated without offering significant risks by two maps to zero.


In their last match, they faced the Danes of Heroic again, and this time they could not meet their opponents. They started much more solid in the first map and easily beat their opponents' choice by 16×9 a nuke. However, in the sequence, they were tactically lost in the series and were annihilated by 2×16 in the overpass and 5×16 in the mirage, respectively, totalling two maps to zero against.



On the other hand, the CompLexity team appears in this confrontation after losing the Group B lower bracket final of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 against Team Liquid. Before commenting on the defeat of the North Americans in the last round, it is worth remembering how they performed in their debut. Facing FaZe, they started with a terrible defensive side in inferno and started losing 6×16. On the second map, they showed an excellent offensive side in the overpass by scoring five times. However, in the second half, they couldn't stop the solid tactical power of their opponents and ended up defeated by 9×16.


After the debut, they faced the North Americans of Team Liquid and did not face their opponents in the series. In the first map, they tried to innovate by choosing anubis, where they were wholly annulled in the first half by 2×13 and defeated by 2×16. In the sequence, they played a more balanced game on the overpass map, but nothing was enough to pose risks to their opponents, losing by 12×16 in the sum of the sides.


Which team do you think will come out as the winner?

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