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How To Win


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Hey guys. Some of you may know me from around here.

As well as playing the hell out of this site I've been writing a Publish0x blog. For those of you who don't know publish0x it's a news/blog/writing platform that's really popular. You have to apply to write for the platform - not everyone can and I only did because it's  part of my living already.

You can tip authors on the site in ETH and AMPL as well as something called iFARM - and you'll also receive some every time you read an article you'll slowly gather up a few bucks. It's free to tip.


My blog is about gambling - interviews/strats/experiments and a whole bunch of stuff just exploring the mechanics behind games and trying out strategies.

Here's the link- https://www.publish0x.com/how-to-win

Give it a look - it certainly contains some massive hits. blhead.png.2b6cd257239a57bafabe824e1bf1739e.png



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